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The Cookie Experience

Feb 7, 2012 Author: stephanie | Filed under: Holiday

A Valentine tradition for us is making Valentine cookies.  It’s especially fun if a child can help.  Flour, powdered sugar and pink can  be found somewhere on everyone helping.  I have a mini rolling pin and a variety of cookie cutters to help with the creativity.  With a swipe of frosting, they are ready to eat!  Beware — they vanish quickly!

Hot Cocoa + Love

Feb 3, 2012 Author: stephanie | Filed under: Holiday

What a great Valentine treat!  Heart-shaped marshmallows are in stores right now.  Grab a bag!

Just imagine a steamy hot cup of cocoa with a heart-shaped marshmallow floating in it.  The perfect “comfort” food with a little love.  All ages will love this Valentine!

Gluten-Free Valentine

Feb 2, 2012 Author: stephanie | Filed under: Holiday, The Celiac Kid Book

There are several treats that go with Valentine’s like red hearts.  Two popular treats are chocolates and Valentine cookies.  Because the “Celiac Kid” is near and dear to us, we are always on the look out for gluten free food.  We have found “Eleanor’s Bake Shop!

They make the best sandwich bread and my celiac kid loves it.  However, today, besides buying bread, the cookies looked wonderful.  Gluten free people: CELEBRATE with a great frosted sugar cookie for Valentine’s!

And, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this GF cake while I was there. Isn’t it amazing!?!

Sticker Them with Love

Feb 1, 2012 Author: stephanie | Filed under: Holiday

A quick way to remind a child that you love them is to put Valentine stickers on their lunch sacks.  If they don’t take a sack lunch, Throw a set of Valentine stickers in their backpack.  You might want to put them inside a notebook or book so they will be sure to find them.  If the backpack is not an option, under a pillow or in a coat pocket is a great place, too.

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