I took my granddaughter to see a movie yesterday and the memory for both of us will last forever!  It wasn’t necessarily the specific movie but it was the anticipation, buying the ticket, buying the popcorn, handing the ticket to “the man,” all was a great experience.  Taking a few pictures as she sat like a “big” 2 1/2 year old in her own seat, holding her own popcorn will help make this a perfect memory.

I read the first draft of The Celiac Kid to my grandson over a year ago and he listened intently knowing it was all about him.  Seeing his face light up at the end was a wonderful memory for me.  Now he can read it himself with sheer delight because he reads about himself.  What a great childhood memory — having a book published all about you!

Make a memory with a child!  It’s simple — just give them your time!